Lifetime Guaranteed

If  you sized it right, installed it right and maintained it right and your Schier product didn't meet your expectations,

we'll make it right. Sizing must be conducted in cooperation with a plumbing professional and be approved by the

local authority having jurisdiction. Installation must be completed by a licensed plumber per installation instructions.

Product shall be maintained regularly by a professional contractor. Warranty only valid for US and Canadian

installations and does not cover gasket and hardware.

100% American Made

We’re proud of the fact that all of our products are American made, but maybe not for the reasons you think.

We don’t do it to make a social statement or so you can check a box. We do it to ensure better quality and reliable

sourcing for every component. We also don’t think you should buy from us just because we’re Made in the USA.

You should buy from us if you believe that we make the best product on the market. Simple as that.

Locally Stocked

With hundreds of brick and mortar distributors throughout North America, we have a nearby store with your

Great Basin™ grease interceptor in-stock. Visit to find your local distributor.

for all installations

Over 70,000

units installed since 2006

From time-saving, original installation

features to the only lifetime guaranteed design,

the Great Basinhas become the preferred

grease interceptor for thousands of plumbers

and specifying engineers.